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Kristina Hader

Kristina Hader

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Derendorfer Str. 19

40479 Düsseldorf


What might just be a hobby for some people is a passion to me: photography.
Holding a camera in my hands opens up a whole new world in which I can be I completely and feel unbound creativity.
With the photography we are able to tell stories we cannot tell with words. It is poetry, a song you want to listen to again and again. What photography means to me is expressing my feelings and passion. I love to experiment with light, situations and emotions.


Radley, Kästner, Eventhaus Langenfeld, SHOWCAST Modelagency



Fizzy Mag, Like Magazine, Foto Easy, Canon Foto, Radio Free FM,

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Kristina Hader

Derendorfer Straße 19

Tel: +4917655566420


USt-Id-Nr. / Steuernummer: 218 / 5084 / 2513