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A Tamboly

A Tamboly

Tamboly Photodesign

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Dramatic lights, intense colors, diverse palettes, which through the years of artistic practice has become the signature of his photography. Tamboly is a photographer based in Berlin with a BA in Advertising and Photography from The Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University, Cairo. He specialises in people, architecture and conceptual photography. Since 2002 Tamboly has been active in the art scene in Europe and worldwide, as he participated in different contests, solo and group exhibitions, salons and festivals. He enjoyed both working as a solo artist and cooperating with other artists in group projects. He received numerous prizes for his photography projects.

Tamboly received his first camera when he was a child. He grew up experimenting with the miraculous device, and learning to experience the world through its lens. Through these experiments and plays, he gradually developed his own artistic vision of the world, his sensitivity towards the ways in which it is portrayed.

In challenging the sharp division between art and design, Tamboly is devoted to bridging the gap between the two, especially, to exploring the potential utility of an artwork. With his photography, Tamboly works to activate the utility and applicability aspects of his artwork in a social context by linking it to a historical background, a social phenomenon, a cultural dilemma, or a political event.

“Art is a tool to make to affect the world and change it to the better“



Photographer of the Year, Gold, One Eyeland 2015
Graphis gold portrait photography annual award 2015
Graphis silver portrait photography annual award 2015
200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide, Lürzer’s Archive 2014/2015, 2016/2017
Nachwuchs dritte Preis, Bildsprachen-Surprise me, Gelsenkirchen 2014
Best of the Best Photographers 2014 and 2015, One Eyeland
Photography award, Rencontre de l’image Festival, French culture centre, Egypt 2005
Honor certificate from The House of Humor and Satire in Gabrovo, Bulgaria 2005
Certification of vocational achievment from Elmamoun university in Damascus 2004
Honor Certificate for participating in the World Press Photo Contest( several dates)photographer of the year

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A Tamboly

10119 - Berlin

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