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Johannes Frederic Kuehn

Johannes Frederic Kuehn

Parkaue 34

10367 Berlin


Claudia Bitzer

Achtern Styg 7

22549 Hamburg


After scaring my parents with crazy job ideas for 21 years I finally fell in love with photography in 2008 and started my career as an assistant to some of the worlds top notch photographers to learn from the best.
Freelance Photographer since 2016, based in berlin and still in deep love with photography and imagery.


Audi | Chrysler | Dodge | Sixt | Hubject | Emanate | Thjnk | Jung von Matt


1st place in Special – Night Photography category for the winning entry „Travel Mosque“ ipa Awards 2016

CGI / 3D Landscape People Transportation
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Johannes Frederic Kuehn

Parkaue 34

Tel: +49 174 349 1827


USt-Id-Nr. / Steuernummer: DE258109470