Who is the BFF?

The BFF – The Professional Association of Freelance Photographers and Film Creators (Berufsverband Freie Fotografen und Filmgestalter e.V.) – stands for photography and image composition of the highest quality.

This is guaranteed by its renowned founders and honorary members – also including legendary international photographers such as Prof. F. C. Gundlach, Peter Lindbergh, Sarah Moon and Oliviero Toscani.

At the current time approximately 500 groundbreaking photographers from the advertising and editorial fields as well as innovative film creators, photography and design professors determine the direction the Association is to take.

Based on high aesthetic quality requirements, we have been representing the interests of our members for more than 50 years. In this context, tradition and vision have formed a creative symbiosis at the BFF from the very outset. Today our focus is no longer solely limited to classical photography. The Association is also concerned with the creative possibilities of the new visual media and with digital imaging.

In 2013, the BFF Association of Freelance Photo Designers (“BFF Bund Freischaffende Foto-Designer”) became the BFF Professional Association of Freelance Photographers and Film Creators (“BFF Berufsverband Freie Fotografen und Filmgestalter”).
In order to do justice to the requirements of a changed marketplace, the BFF opened its ranks to film creators and to new members from the field of professional photography. Since then the membership structure of the BFF has been expanded (student, junior, member and professional) and the BFF offers new services. This has served to considerably enhance the relevance and the profile of the Association once again and membership is on the increase.

The members of our Association are personalities who think conceptually and do not only pick up trends and styles of contemporary photography, but actively characterize and structure them. We represent freelance photographers and film creators who personify the type of creative irreverence that is necessary to make images unique. The works of our members therefore make a fundamental contribution towards determining the visual appearance of the most renowned magazines and the most exciting commercials and web campaigns.

With its active publicity work, portfolio shows, conferences and regional meetings, the BFF is additionally intent on accompanying and energetically promoting discussions on the future of photography. We are actively concerned with preserving the economic and working conditions of our members and advise them on all questions relating to image protection, copyright, tax law and on the law relating to social security insurance for artists. The Association meets its own high quality requirements by staging exhibitions with a large media impact, series of events such as “Aufschlag”, “JUMP” or “BFF TRIEBWERK”, the BFF publications, highly frequented online media and renowned competitions. Currently, the BFF Magazine Award is setting new standards for professional photography. At a consistently high level it has its sights set on all those professionals who wish to go a step further in their work. Our Association thrives on the enthusiasm of its members and the strong BFF regions.

The BFF is thus a professional association with the highest degree of professionalism and an extraordinarily creative quality. It is this combination that continues to make us unique in Europe.

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