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Arina Dähnick

Arina Dähnick

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Curriculum vitae Arina Dähnick
– As a photographer in fine arts and architecture, I live and work in Berlin. Growing up in a creative family, I came into contact with art and photography at an early age. I had my first professional photo exhibition at the age of 17. After my experiences in the Argentur ‚Transglobe‘ in Hamburg 1986 I decided that I did not want to live from art. It should only be a longer break…
– The presentation of my resumed work as a photographer in 2014 on the Leica Camera Blog was followed by numerous exhibitions and publications in newspapers and magazines, e.g. Book of the Month LFI International May 2020 and portfolio presentation ‚The Plan Journal‘ August 2020. With my work series Perfect Life, Contemporary Architecture Barcelona and The MIES-Project I have a total of 14 solo exhibitions from 2015 to 2020, e.g. in Berlin – Atelier André Kirchner; Salzburg – Leica Gallery; Chicago – Leica Gallery; Chicago – Bauhaus 100 Goethe Institute; Chicago – Farnsworth House; Chicago – for the Architectural Biennale in the S.R.Crown Hall; Brno/Czech Republic – Villa Tugendhat. There a film was made about my work, and the Wttw Chicago station also presented me.
– In November 2019 I received the silver medal in the ‚German Photo Book Award‘ in the ‚conceptual – artistic‘ section for my book ‚Architectural Portraits. The MIES Project` published by Edition Cantz, DCV
– My pictorial themes have to do with urbanity, reflection and spatial experience, the contrasts of inside and outside. With the camera I want to capture the essence of architecture. With colors and lines, sharpness and blur, I create an emotional and sensual experience of space. Interlocking image levels initiate a multi-layered play with reality and perception between external reality and imagination. Michelangelo Sabatino, the dean of IIT Architecture Chicago, who wrote the essay in the book ‚The MIES Project‘, has called my way of seeing and photographing architecture ‚architectural portraits‘ – in this I find myself …


„Arina Dähnick brings a new eye to the familiar Mies work juxtaposing the architecture with reflectionsin the glass and the play of light. When you look at her work you realize that she posses a high degree of technical ability, and in addition she enriches the experience of the viewer by the her emotional feeling expressed in her photographs.” Dirk Lohan, Chicago 2018

`Arina Dähnick possesses a passion for observing the world in a unique and inspiring way through her interpretive photography. Her skill at capturing perspectives that others might pass by unnoticed has created a collection of work that goes beyond simple architectural photography. Arina has perfected the capture of reflection and transparency simultaneously, offering the viewer a new visual interpretation of her subject. I see the world of architecture differently through her eye (and lens)` Robert Theel, FAIA Chief Architect – Great Lakes Region (GSA), Chicago 2019


Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 19 I 20 in der Kategorie Konzeptionell-Künstlerisch in Silber für Architectural Portraits. The MIES Project

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Right now we are working on the exhibitions of `The MIES Project´ in Barcelona in 2021

The exhibition at House Tugendhat will be repeated in 2021

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Arina Dähnick

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