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Catherine Lieser


I am Catherine Lieser, a female photographer from Berlin.​ I was born in 1986 in Essen, which they say is „the heart of the Ruhr Area“ and left home to study on filmschool in picturesque Bavaria, yet when I finished, decided to live on the rough side of Germany, called Berlin :).

I have a strong focus on portraits and love working with people.

I am part of the advisory board of the German Assocation for Photographers – BFF e. V. – because I am a networker by heart and enjoy the exchange among colleagues.

I am also working continuously on an independent portrait series called „Not Conceptual. Life“ to get in the sweet position to meet inspiring people and to get a glimpse into their life through the lense of my camera and also to try out new light set ups in my studio. ​


2021, Ihr Bild gegen Gewalt gegen Frauen (Frauenbüro Landeshauptstadt Mainz)


2021, B&W REPUBLIK Magazine, #024, Vol. I, London, UK
2021, LIFE IS ART Magazine, Vol. 9, Los Angeles, USA

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Catherine Isabelle Lieser


Tel: 0163 170 48 63


USt-Id-Nr. / Steuernummer: 25/420/00608