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Jade Braun

Jade Braun

Adam-Zöller-Straße 5

63906 Erlenbach am Main


Jade Braun was born in Bielefeld, Germany, and grew up in an urban city nearby. After leaving school, she started an art history studies and Dutch language at WWU Münster. Also being interested in acting and drama, she reorientated and studied photography and media at the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld.
During a year abroad, she studied at UAL – London college of Communication. Her passion for film and moving image led her to investigate the view from behind the camera and its possibilities to impact the seen. In 2017, she was voted into the narrow selection of the BFF photo competition Mensch ist Meer and was given the opportunity for an exhibition with large photographs exposing environmental pollution. In 2018, Jade had work experience at VOGELSÄNGER, a film production with focus on commercial and image film. Jade loves to collect information and stories and weave them into her images, whilst using metaphors.


BFF Fotowettbewerb für den professionellen Nachwuchs 2017

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Jade Braun

Adam-Zöller-Straße 5, 63906 Erlenbach am Main

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