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„It’s simply inexpressible to insert a single moment of this whole world in frames to share it with others. The only determining is the tiny fraction of this single second.”

Johannes Hartig

I was born in Berlin-Zehlendorf 1988 and grew up in south Germany. Since 2007 my interests in photography constantly grew while I attended highschool. In 2008 I started working as a freelance photographer in reportage & event photography in the area of Landshut. While finishing my civil services I decided to intensify my constantly growing interests in photography & design.

From 2009 – 2011 I have been able to attend the Foto-Design-School under Christoph Eberbach in Pforzheim where I also met my creative partner and ever helping hand Katharina Kehm. After successfully finishing my studies, I finished an one-year internship under the photographer Matthias Müller in Ilvesheim. In summer 2012 I started a long & successful cooperation with the renowned BFF photographer Michael Schnabel for an overall of 6.5 years while I also have been working as a freelance assistant with other photographers all around the globe.

Since 2016 I am official member of the BFF photographers association which brought me to a vice chairman of the region Stuttgart in early 2018. In eraly 2019 I finally decided to push things forward and reduced my work as freelance assistant to a minimum. Currently I am looking for projects with open minded people who also have the passion to create new and interesting work and push advertising into a new level.

Let’s go – create.


Graphis Photography Annual „Mondes Colorés“ Gold Award · 2020
Graphis Photography Annual „Mondes Colorés“ Silver Award · 2020
Graphis Photography Annual „Black & White“ Silver Award · 2020
Nomination Lürzers 200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide · 2020

Graphis Photography Annual „VW Tiguan“ Honorable Mention · 2019
International Color Awards „Burning Tops“ Honorable Mention · 2019

Graphis Photography Annual „Through The Woods“ Gold Award · 2018
Graphis Photography Annual „Schichtwechsel“ Merit Award · 2018

Lürzers 200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide · 2017
PX3 le Prix de la Photographie Paris „Dunes, 2016“ Honorable Mention · 2017
Athens Photo Festival Shortlist · 2017
Independent Photographer „Deserts – Survey #4“ Finalist · 2017
Communication Arts Photography „Islands“ Shortlist · 2017
Graphis Photography Annual „Fields“ Merit Award · 2017

International Color Awards „Islands I, 2014“ Honorable Mention · 2016
PX3 le Prix de la Photographie Paris „Beauty Project“ Honorable Mention · 2016
IPA Award „Deserts“ Honorable Mention · 2016


Graphis Photography Annual · 2020
Autoalbum 05 Seltmann + Söhne · 2019
Graphis Photography Annual · 2019
Graphis Photography Annual · 2018
Graphis Journal #359 · 2018
Blickfang Deutschlands Beste Fotografen · 2017
Portraitalbum 04 Seltmann + Söhne · 2017
ICA Journal No. 7 · 2017
BFF Magazine No. 7 · 2017
IPA Talent Of The Year Book · 2017
Graphis Photography Annual · 2017
The Blickfang Journal · 2013

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Johannes Hartig

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